Starting Small. :D

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Hello, and welcome back to Panorama! I've decided to break down my new ideas for this wiki for you all, and it does mean revising some of my old ones. To start off, there's an extraterrestrial war going on, and it's over the fate of Earth. The planets involved are as follows:
  • Prime
  • Luscillion
  • Cherth 0E
  • Geocarro

This war has been going on longer than humanity has been around for, and its reaching its peak in 2016. Why? Because each side is lacking refugees, but they all know where to turn to: the four high schools in Lancaster, South Carolina.

The first planet to take action, Prime, has already "recruited" three students of Panorama High School: Lucy Ball, Kaleb Tisdale, and Ami Foster. Recruiting meaning killing them, and reviving their consciousnesses as, you guessed it, Primions. The trio will have new Primion bodies, which means we'll need to select new models for them.

Now, Kaleb, Lucy, and Ami will awaken in their new Primion bodies inside the Primion Throne Room, unable to recognize each other until they say their names. They'll hear footsteps and hide, as Nikole Sommer enters the Throne Room. She'll order them to reveal themselves, as she knows they are hiding, and warns them to do as she says, if they wish to live. Lucy, Ami, and Kaleb regretfully listen to her, as the Primion Queen, Adella Pralix, comes into the room. Nikole forces the trio to bow to the Queen, who explains they are needed to help aid Prime in the war against the other three planets. From there, I'll figure it out.

Not satisfied quite yet? Dying to know more? Don't worry, because more is coming. ;)